Doing business with Atlantic 2 Ltd. from Požarevac offers fantastic opportunities based on technical knowledge and the tradition this family company established over the years. Atlantic 2 Ltd. always goes a step farther from the competition.

Živojin Brložanović


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High quality PVC doors and windows production

High standards - satisfaction guaranteed

Atlantic Dva Ltd.
industrial units in Serbia are located on a Požarevac - Veliko Gradište road, in a beautiful Stig plane. We employ over 50 highly skilled workers in our production lines and with knowledge and experience that guarantee fulfilling the high standards set by the EU market.

Over the years our company chose to concentrate its resources on high quality PVC doors, windows and garage doors and also wooden doors and security exterior doors.

Atlantic Dva Ltd. doors are produced of Aluplast profile System 6000. Material and structure characterized by almost ideal performances. The material and structure of System 6000 profiles are so good that we give a 10 year warrantee on all products made from it. Atlantic Dva Ltd. exterior doors, like our windows, are produced of best PVC materials while interior doors are made of medium-density fiberboard (MDF).

On the other hand our safety doors are a different story our company is proud of. The materials security doors are made of match the quality of finest EU brands and highest official EU standards. We are exceptionally proud of the certificates issued by Austrian experts for the quality and safety of our security and exterior doors.

A new line of production we are also proud of is the completely automated production unit for finest wood designs.