Responsible and precise business communication, immense production potential and also a swift and well-organized field work combined with reasonable prices, put the Atlantic 2 Ltd. in the top of the Serbian market today.

Predrag Petković
Creative Gemini CEO, Novi Sad


Home Services Warranty


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10 year warranty
A guarantee of quality and resistance

Mounting of products by Atlantic Dva Teams is the only provision for a 10 year guarantee.

Having in mind that our windows, interior, exterior, security and garage doors are made of finest materials, we decided to give our customers a 10 year warranty for them.

Aluplast profiles are produced with latest technologies. Therefore these products do not change throughout the years, so we offer our customers a 10 year guaranty on PVC products and all their elements.

For our security doors we offer the warranty and the safety certificate issued by the Austrian (EU) agency for quality control.